Port Hacking Zone S.S.S.A Swimming – Sans Souci Pool
Friday 21st February, 2020

Conveners: Di Maddern Cronulla HS & Paul Littlejohn, Caringbah HS


SESSA Swimming Carnival- Tuesday 17th March 2020 at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, Homebush

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**3 swimmers each event at the Port Hacking Zone Swimming Carnival progressing to the SESSA Carnival.

** Please Note the changed times for relay events at the SESSSA Carnival


Children must swim in their age group.

The convenor reserves the right to alter the order of the program.

NO SMOKING in front of students at this school event. Thank you for your co-operation.


100m FS     F12Yr      A. Lee  1998   Caringbah   01:07.6

100m FS     F13Yr      C. Housego  2001   Endeavour   01:04.30

100m FS     F14Yr      K. Krywulycz   1999   Endeavour   01:02.70

100m FS     F15Yr      K. Krywulycz   2000   Endeavour   01:02.10

100m FS     F16Yr      K. Krywulycz   2001   Endeavour   01:02.80

100m FS     F17Yr      L. Burns   1978   Sylvania   01:01.90

100m FS     M12Yr     C. Hoare   2011   Woolooware   01:06.21

100m FS     M13Yr     C. Gibbs   1989   Woolooware   01:01.50

100m FS     M14Yr     C. Gibbs   1990   Woolooware   00:59.04

100m FSM15Yr  D. McClellan 1989 Woolooware00:58.53

100m FSM16Yr  R. Pallister 1976 Caringbah00:56.50

100m FSM17Yr  S. Flint2009Woolooware00:55.33

200m FSF12Yr  A. Lee1998Caringbah02:21.20

200m FSF13Yr  G. Lambert1999Endeavour02:17.40

200m FSF14Yr  G. Lambert1999Endeavour02:13.20

200m FSF15Yr  K. Smith1998Woolooware02:06.10

200m FSF16Yr K. Krywulycz2001Endeavour02:10.64

200m FSF17Yr L. Burns1978Sylvania02:12.40

200m FSM12Yr L. Donne2001Sylvania02:14.17

200m FSM13Yr C. Gibbs1989Woolooware02:14.00

200m FSM14Yr D. McLellan1988Woolooware02:07.60

200m FSM15Yr C. Gibbs1991Woolooware02:04.00

200m FSM16Yr S. Flint2008Woolooware02:02.75

200m FSM17Yr C. Stevens1998Endeavour01:57.49

4x50m Medley RelayF17Yr Woolooware2000Woolooware02:02.35

4x50m Medley RelayM17Yr Endeavour1998Endeavour02:00.34

4x50m FS RelayF12Yr Woolooware2006Woolooware02:13.32

4x50m FS RelayF13Yr Endeavour1998Endeavour02:07.66

4x50m FS RelayF14Yr Woolooware1998Woolooware02:02.07

4x50m FS RelayF15Yr Endeavour2000Endeavour02:02.22

4x50m FS RelayF16Yr Woolooware1999Woolooware02:02.92

4x50m FS RelayF17Yr Endeavour2000Endeavour02:02.78

4x50m FS RelayM12Yr Endeavour1998Endeavour02:15.30

4x50m FS RelayM13Yr Endeavour1999Endeavour02:06.16

4x50m FS RelayM14Yr Endeavour2000Endeavour01:59.63

4x50m FS RelayM15Yr Woolooware1991Woolooware01:54.00

4x50m FS RelayM16Yr Woolooware1998Woolooware01:50.98

4x50m FS RelayM17Yr Woolooware2009Woolooware01:44.21

50m BackstrokeF12Yr K. Roberts2001Port Hacking00:31.03

50m BackstrokeF13Yr M. Sara2003Port Hacking00:34.87

50m BackstrokeF14Yr S. Vance1999Woolooware00:34.25

50m BackstrokeF15Yr K. Miller1998Caringbah00:33.77

50m BackstrokeF16Yr S. Vance2001Woolooware00:33.93

50m BackstrokeF17Yr S. Vance2003Woolooware00:34.31

50m BackstrokeM12Yr J. Lapham1998Woolooware00:36.52

50m BackstrokeM13Yr N. Maggio1998Woolooware00:34.17

50m BackstrokeM14Yr D. Wassell2004Caringbah00:33.10

50m BackstrokeM15Yr A. Khaw1999Endeavour00:31.67

50m BackstrokeM16Yr D. Halpin1997Woolooware00:30.06

50m BackstrokeM17Yr L. Roberts2005Caringbah00:29.58

50m BreaststrokeF12Yr A. Lee1998Caringbah00:37.62

50m BreaststrokeF13Yr A. Lee1999Caringbah00:37.60

50m BreaststrokeF14Yr A. Lee2000Caringbah00:36.25

50m BreaststrokeF15Yr A. Lee2001Caringbah00:35.90

50m BreaststrokeF16Yr A. Lee2002Caringbah00:36.35

50m BreaststrokeF17Yr A. Lee2003Caringbah00:36.46

50m BreaststrokeM12Yr E. Housego1997Endeavour00:41.15

50m BreaststrokeM13Yr R. Tracy2000Caringbah00:34.04

50m BreaststrokeM14Yr M. Barry1998Endeavour00:34.27

50m BreaststrokeM15Yr M. Barry1999Endeavour00:34.03

50m BreaststrokeM16Yr R. Tracy2000Caringbah00:33.25

50m BreaststrokeM17Yr S. Cowley1998Endeavour00:31.22

50m ButterflyF12Yr C. Housego2000Endeavour00:33.62

50m ButterflyF13Yr S. Coates2000Woolooware00:32.35

50m ButterflyF14Yr A. Grubb1999Endeavour00:31.04

50m ButterflyF15Yr G. Turnbull2011Woolooware00:30.66

50m ButterflyF16Yr S. Vance2001Woolooware00:29.97

50m ButterflyF17Yr S. Vance2003Woolooware00:30.34

50m ButterflyM12Yr C. Hoare2011Woolooware00:32.93

50m ButterflyM13Yr C. Hoare2012Woolooware00:31.48

50m ButterflyM14Yr M. Ransome1998Endeavour00:29.96

50m ButterflyM15Yr J. Lapham2001Woolooware00:28.75

50m ButterflyM16Yr J. Lapham2002Woolooware00:28.70

50m ButterflyM17Yr M. Spence2010Woolooware00:26.70

50m FSF12Yr A. Lee1998Caringbah00:30.78

50m FSF13Yr J. Wassell2001Caringbah00:29.48

50m FSF14Yr K. Mansell1997Woolooware00:28.28

50m FSF15Yr G. Turnbull2011Woolooware00:28.55

50m FSF16Yr K. Krywulycz2001Endeavour00:28.73

50m FSF17Yr S. Vance2003Woolooware00:28.63

50m FSM12Yr C. Hoare2011Woolooware00:29.66

50m FSM13Yr C. Hoare2012Woolooware00:28.29

50m FSM14Yr C. Gibbs1990Woolooware00:27.00

50m FSM15Yr A. Khaw1999Endeavour00:25.94

50m FSM16Yr A. Khaw2000Endeavour00:25.91

50m FSM17Yr M. Spence2010Woolooware00:25.26

200m IMF12-14Yrs S. King2012Woolooware02:41.14

200m IMF15-16Yrs R. Kennedy2011Cronulla02:40.82

200m IMF17-19Yrs R. Dudman1999Endeavour02:28.33

200m IMM12-14Yrs D. Wassell2004Cronulla02:25.83

200m IMM15-16Yrs J. Woods2010Cronulla02:27.02

200m IMM17-19Yrs A. Kennedy2010Cronulla02:17.69

6x50mFS RelayFWoolooware1998Woolooware03:03.91

6x50mFS RelayMWoolooware1998Woolooware02:52.21

12x50mFS RelayUEndeavour2001Endeavour05:43.61